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Providing Experienced Mortgage Broker Services for Nanaimo and All of Vancouver Island

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Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or seasoned real estate investor, someone who is looking for a new mortgage to refinance your current mortgage or you want professional negotiation assistance with your mortgage renewal, you’ve found the right place. We look forward to helping you with:

  • Purchases

  • Refinances 

  • Renewal negotiation 

  • Self-employed 

  • Divorce and separation 

  • New to Canada

  • Construction

  • Home equity 

  • Helping to rebuild credit 

  • Renovations 

  • Purchase plus improvements 

  • First-time home buying 

  • CHIP reverse mortgage

  • Commercial 

  • Land developers 

  • Second home or vacation properties 

  • Debt consolidation 

  • Private financing 

  • Lines of credit

  • Bridge financing 

  • Leasing services 

  • Mortgage insurance 

  • Equity lending 

  • Alternative lending 

  • Credit cards

Why Choose Us?

Would you go to court without a lawyer? Buy a home without a real estate agent? Get a mortgage without a mortgage broker? I think not! You know better.

The bank representative works for the bank, we work for you, PERIOD. Our top priority is to keep your money where it belongs, in your pocket. No bonuses for cross selling other bank products to you or minimum deposits required for the best rates eligibility, just the lowest rate and best mortgage product coupled with unimaginable customer service and communication for every client, every single time!

As our client, you get preferential treatment and the lowest rates because we meet mortgage-funded benchmarks to receive discounted rates at many lenders. Not all brokers can get these maximum discounts for you.

Rest easy my friend, once you’ve secured us as your mortgage brokers, you’re in good hands.

The best part is unless you need alternative financing or have severely bruised credit, We ARE FREE! The mortgage lenders pay us a finder’s fee for our work and we cost you nothing. As your mortgage broker, we will streamline the entire process and inform you of what to expect next, no surprises and no rookie moves! Choose to put our 36 years’ experience to work for you and let us make the process of buying your home virtually stress-free!

The relationships we’ve formed over the last 25 and 11 years in our industry have us knowing all the right people in all the right places. Exceptions, favours and approvals come with ease to us – let us put our relationships and experience to work for you. We know you’ll be happy you did!

If you would like to enquire further regarding our services, we welcome you to give us a call today.

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